Saturday, October 04, 2008

So annoying

Ok, disclaimer.  paul and I both used to smoke, never in the house or in front of the kids (not that makes it better).  Here's my annoyance of the day.

I am part of a forum based here in Yokosuka japan.  It's a place on the web where a bunch of women post different topics and reply.  I like it because if I have a question on this or that it is almost guaranteed that someone on the forum has an answer or knows where to go to get an answer. 

A woman posted a topic that her neighbors (she lives in a tower) smoke in their house and the smell is coming into her house, she and her husband are not smokers and they HATE this smell.  She wanted to know if she should complain to the housing office about it.
Most people replied, "Yes, complain".  While they have the right to smoke, you have the right to not smell it.  One woman replied that she smokes in her house and she won't quit for anyone, thank you very much.

This is the same woman (who by her own admission is obese) who complained when a doctor told her and her daughter that her daughter, at 14 and 5'3" and 165 lbs is morbidly obese.   And she smokes in her house... I don't know why I'm so perturbed by this lady but I am.  I know I am not the healthiest person out there, but this woman got seriously upset on hearing how unhealthy her daughter is.  I agree that the doctor's tone and manner were not the best (if her version is accurate) but come on.  Is this really a surprise?  You are obese and smoke in your home.  You obviously don't have the health of your daughter at the top of your list of important things.  Your wants and comfort are at the top.  

Sorry, I have to vent here, I know a lot of the people on the forum, and this is a really small community, everyone knows each other.  


Rachel said...

I only just this morning saw your comment on my Joyful Devotion blog. Hey, no problem. Sometimes it can be SO frustrating to see mainstream "Christianity" behaving in such an awful way. Guess it just does me good to remember that all the good that I have done doesn't matter in God's eyes. The important thing is having Jesus' payment to my account. I have a hard time with Christians who try to make others feel bad because they aren't just like's not right. We're supposed to base our lives on the Bible, not on what other people say and think.

BTW...that lady in your post sounds really annoying! LOL my patience fuse wears short with people like that. :P

Lori Keith said...

My patience are really wearing thin with smokers especially the one I live with. I've really had to get nasty and ugly and you know I never do that :) I can't stand the smoke and what it does to the house and our health. When we as a society were ignorant about it's effects it was different but if we know the harm it causes why can't some people just respect others right to try and be healthy!

Once again I have secured a promise from your father that he will not smoke in the new house but we see how that goes. He actually thinks no one knows when he only smokes in the bathroom. since I have been sick I make him go outside and he will actually ask me every know and then if I care if he opens the window and just smokes one. I tell him "Yes I care and I can't believe he is even asking me" If I didn't care it wouldn't be an issue to begin with would it? why do I have to be the bad guy?

He's going to be like his dad on oxygen and still smoking and I've reached the point I can't live with that.

I'm really struggling with this because I love him but I feel that if he loved me he wouldn't smoke around me knowing it causes the health issues it causes. What to do! Seems like it's simple respect for others yet smokes don't look at it that way I guess...

As far a the whole "morbid obese" thing, I hate that terminology also but if the shoe fits as it does with me I have to wear it. I also have to try and do something to change it which I am. That woman is killing her daughter and so involved in her rights that she can't see it. Time to wake up and smell the roses.