Monday, August 14, 2006

First day away from Megan

OK, I know we may be a bit lame, but Saturday was our first time away from Megan for any length of time. She stayed with a friend all day, Kim and her son Titus, while Paul and I where at a birthing class. She did much better than I did, although it was nice to have a break! When we went to pick her up she cried because she didn't want to go home, we finally convinced her that she needed to come home with us.

This picture was from last summer, notice the jacket worn in June?! Last night and this morning I was tempted to turn on the heat, it's getting that chilly! It hasn't even been a month since we got the air conditioners!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

A growing family

Our family is getting bigger by the week! We're going to be welcoming a new Langrehr in January, hopefully Paul will be back from his training in time. I'm 19 weeks along and finally starting to show a bit of a belly. Kyle and Alyssa seemed excited about the idea and we had a lot of fun picking out different names, Megan so far likes Jorge, Hot Lava and Tinkerbell, we'll have to work on that a bit! We found out this past Monday that IT'S A GIRL! While Paul was sort of hoping for a boy (poor Kyle!) we're pretty excited about another girl.
I'll have to get serious about getting all our pictures in order now, we have them all over the place!