Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Megan's First "Death"

Megan has never known anyone who has died.  I guess she's been a bit sheltered.  She wasn't even really sure what death was.  Today, all the parents from the school got an email stating that Mr. Taylor, the art/gym teacher, had died very unexpectedly this am.  
Mr. Taylor was LOVED by his students and you could tell he really loved them.  Since he was the art teacher, Megan really liked him.  She loves art and would come home this and last year talking about Mr. Taylor and what a good artist he was.  Since the school is going to tell the students tomorrow, we decided to tell Megan tonight so she wouldn't be blind-sided at school.  At first she thought we were playing a joke with her and she started to laugh and was smiling.  "But we just saw him at gym yesterday and after school" (there was an open house last night and he was there), was one of her reasonings why he couldn't be dead.  Another was, "but he's a really good artist."  That broke my heart... It took her about a half hour to finally get it, to finally process what we had told her.  She was in the tub when it hit her.  She said she wanted to pray to God for Mr. Taylor.  How did Paul and I raise a child like this?  It really opened my eyes, that's for sure.  
Right now, she and Paul are curled up in bed, watching Dancing with the Stars.  She's had a tough night.  Keep her and her school mates in your thoughts and prayers. 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

Am I a Christian?

I don't know...do I believe in Jesus Christ, Gods only son?  


Do I believe he died for ME? To save my sorry butt?  

Most of the time.

But I also respect Muslims and Jews, they worship the same God we do....do I think they are wrong?  No....not really.  The Koran says to kill the non believers...Oh, that's soooo wrong.  But it's ok for us to stone adulterers?  Why?  Because the Bible said so....oh, really?  Which version?  Because they are all different.  What do you believe then?  What some backwoods preacher tells you to believe?  Am I less of a Christian because I don't wear weird dresses and use birth control?  Or because I can respect other peoples beliefs? 

I strongly believe that people who have these opinions are bigoted, and not Christian at all. Because I was baptized as an infant I'm not a "real" Christian?  Give me an f'ing break and get over yourself.  Isn't God a kind, loving god?  Where on earth do these people come from then?  Which Bible are you getting your information from?  The King James?  the NEW King James?  the NIV?  Or one of the many gospels that were left out?  

Ok, I'm done now...*whew*

Monday, September 08, 2008

We're moving to New Zealand.


That's right...take a look at this link.  I'm going to talk Paul into it, once he retires from the US Navy, he's joining the New Zealand Navy.  :)

Monday, September 01, 2008

The day we didn't go to Tokyo or Kamakura.

This was a day when we were off our game.  We got "stuck" in the JR Zushi train station and then just went home....not one for the record books!

I don't know...

I don't even know what to say about this girl!  We love her anyway! :)

Our toothless wonder

Megan lost her top front tooth and she looks funny!