Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Megan's First "Death"

Megan has never known anyone who has died.  I guess she's been a bit sheltered.  She wasn't even really sure what death was.  Today, all the parents from the school got an email stating that Mr. Taylor, the art/gym teacher, had died very unexpectedly this am.  
Mr. Taylor was LOVED by his students and you could tell he really loved them.  Since he was the art teacher, Megan really liked him.  She loves art and would come home this and last year talking about Mr. Taylor and what a good artist he was.  Since the school is going to tell the students tomorrow, we decided to tell Megan tonight so she wouldn't be blind-sided at school.  At first she thought we were playing a joke with her and she started to laugh and was smiling.  "But we just saw him at gym yesterday and after school" (there was an open house last night and he was there), was one of her reasonings why he couldn't be dead.  Another was, "but he's a really good artist."  That broke my heart... It took her about a half hour to finally get it, to finally process what we had told her.  She was in the tub when it hit her.  She said she wanted to pray to God for Mr. Taylor.  How did Paul and I raise a child like this?  It really opened my eyes, that's for sure.  
Right now, she and Paul are curled up in bed, watching Dancing with the Stars.  She's had a tough night.  Keep her and her school mates in your thoughts and prayers. 


Rachel said...

:( poor girl :(

She's gonna have a tough day tomorrow. I remember when a classmate died one day from an asthma attack. It was tough going back to school and having all those questions about it. I'll be praying for her and her schoolmates. :(

Jess said...

That makes me cry. WOW. That is so sad. Also, Mr. Taylors family. MAN. You are a wonderful mother, even though you don't color, neither to I. So we're both great, right? love ya.

Lori Keith said...

So young to deal with this. She is so sensitive and you guys are wonderful in how you are raising the girls!