Saturday, August 23, 2008


Ok, so Paul and I both agree that we are done with having babies.  We love all our kids, but we are done.  So sometimes I'll see a baby and be all like "AWWWWWW, I WANT ONE!"  But I don't REALLY mean it.  I just want one that doesn't cry or demand anything or produce dirty laundry.  So Paul is always like, "WE'LL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER KID AGIAN."  Ok, that's fine.  I NEED that voice of reason.  But the other day, Paul came home, he said he needed to get fixed because he had a "twinge".  That's right.  Big ole mister heart of stone had a TWINGE.  Over a baby.  He had an urge to have another baby!  After I smacked his face twice, I agreed.  Time to get fixed.  

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Guess what I saw

Driving back home this am from the big base, I saw a man by the mall.  He was peeing.  It was 10 am!  I actually turned a bit to see what he was doing and I saw HIS PENIS.  This is not the type of sightseeing I had in mind when I moved here.  I'm very disturbed.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Computer fun

This is why I don't work.  If I worked, we wouldn't have time for fun family together time.

Bon Odori

Last Saturday we went to a bon dance (bon odori).  This occurs during the obon festival and is a dance that welcomes the spirits of your ancestors.  The dance creates a welcoming atmosphere for the spirits, so they will want to visit during this time.  Obon is to give thanks to your ancestors, for all the sacrifices they made for the family.  Bon odori occurs at night when the spirits come to visit.

Kimonos are worn if you have them.  The dance was beautiful, like a very graceful Japanese line dance done in a circle.

The taiko (drum).  Mulitple people can play one drum, it was very interesting to see how they changed...they had a definite rhythm going.

Here are Dawn and her two girls, Mia and Madelyn.  They're our friends and neighbors.
Megan and Madelyn are in the same grade, but Megan is a full head taller than Madelyn.  They are BFF!!