Sunday, April 22, 2007

Poor Megan

Ok, so I was looking over our blog and realized that since Madeline has been born, there have been no pictures of just Megan, while there have been pictures of just Madeline. That seems weird to me, since for the longest time it was just Megan...I'll have to try to make an effort to get more pictures of Megan...

Maddy has rolled over!

We haven't got it on video or anything, but she did roll over a couple of times today and she can't stop talking about it!  So there is one milestone's a bit sad because I now know, in a way I never did with Megan, that Maddy is growing up.  Even though she'll be 4 months at the end of this month, she's in size 6-9 month clothing, closer to 9 months than 6!  She's a big tall girl, like her sister!   Paul calls her our little nugget, but that doesn't seem quite right somehow, I perfer the term "Moose!"
Megan is still very much in love with her and she always wants to help and do everything for Maddy.  She's constantly giving her kisses and hugs and wanting to play with her.  It's soooo cute!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Staying at Home

So, it hasn't been quite a week yet since I quit my job to stay at home with the girls. On the first day at home, we went to the story time at the library and then to the grocery store. All day Megan kept saying, "I thought we were staying at home" She thought that when Paul and I told her that we were staying at home we would not leave the house at all, no wonder she was so upset! I think she's starting to get used to the idea though, we've been staying pretty busy during the day, we do two reading lessons a day plus errands and all the other stuff...we've already met some other people with kids the same age who stay at home.

Here is the latest picture of Maddy, I've started to notice that almost all the pictures I have of her and Paul, Paul is sleeping. I can't belive that she's alread almost 4 months old! She hasn't rolled over yet, from front to back, but she's still working on it, and she loves to "sit up" with me holding her up. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Too tired to write

Here are some recent pictures of Maddy, she is now in size 6 months....and even some of those are too small for her..she's a moose!