Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cricket found someone's Hershey Kiss, the big ones that come in a cardboard box.
She likes chocolate.
She ate right through the cardboard and foil to get to the kiss. She is totally my daughter.
And she turned 1 the other day.....I just can't believe it.
She's so awesome! I love you Cricket!


Both of my girls seem to enjoy caves. Here is Cricket in her cave, inside the house, in a cleared out cabinet. She loves the place and would eat in there if I let her. Please don't mind the huge mess on the counters... it's Paul's fault. Megan's cave is a bit more sophisticated. Paul built it from the butt ton of snow we've had this year...

Friday, December 07, 2007

Cute Picture

This girl will eat anything.

Thanksgiving pig out. I mean dinner. (but really, it was just a pig out)

Where's my food? Seriously mom, stop taking pictures and load up my plate, I'm starving over here!
Get away from my drumstick, I'll knock you upside the head with this thing if you don't back off.
THANKSGIVING TOTALLY ROCKS! A holiday where all you do all day is eat or think about's offical, I'm in heaven.
FeeDee, get the stuffing off your face. Next time use your spoon, not your fingers.

Thanksgiving prep

Notice Megan with the sharp object in her hand?
Notice Paul with the non-hazardous mass of cranberries?
Yummy!!!! Man, am I a great cook or what? Ok... so I didn't do all of it... Megan did the sweet potatoes and Paul did... well, he did everything else! I did help though... Notice the olives in the background? Well before I "helped", there were too many for the bowl and there was a threat of overflow. Ok... I basically drank wine and bugged the poop out of Paul. I know my strengths and I play to them. :)
Yippie! No more slave labor! Dad, can I leave the kitchen yet?