Monday, February 04, 2008

Megan and the camera

On our new computer, there is a camera built right in. We got the computer late last night and Megan has so far taken about 500 pictures of herself. Here are a couple.

First Meal out in Japan

We ventured out into Japan today, outside of the base! We rode the base bus up to the front gate and walked right on through, like we knew what we where doing. Our plan, to check out the local yokles and find a place to chow down. So we walked around, taking in the sites, it was a bit different, almost nothing was in English, it was all in Kanji (a type of writing). We saw a couple of places, only one ramen place (they have an orange lantern haning outside of the door). We finally saw a place we though we could go into and eat. Mc Donalds. Yep, we are total sell outs. But even that was a bit scary, again, no English, but there were pictures. Oh, and you don't hand the money to the person, you put it on a tray and they take it. So after out meal (the cashier carried our tray for us to the table) we walked our way back to the base. All in all, pretty good for our first time out I think!

Hopefully we'll be able to post pictures soon, we need to upload the software to our new computer, take care!